You’ve got mail! Yes, with Flexiflap we can inform you that something has been dropped into your letterbox. The Flexiflap is a small battery powered Bluetooth beacon with an integrated accelerator sensor. By means of attaching Flexiflap inside the flap on your letterbox, each movement will be detected and trigger a notification. Flexiflap is sharing the same gateway as Flexitag and user notification is made by push notification (requires download of the Flexiflap notification app).

The Flexiflap is designed for operation in  temperatures between -25º and +55ºC. It is housed in a plastic enclosure that can easily be fixed on most letterbox designs. Powered by a replaceable battery, each tag can operate at least for 3 years.


The Flexiflap App is a pure app to enable push notifications from the flexflap. The app is available for both iOS and Android.


The plug-an-play gateway comes with a 4G modem for connectivity with the backend. Communication between Flexiflap and gateway is made over BLE.


The Flexiflap Backend and Frontend is hosted with Microsoft Azure and handles the administration of each deployed flap sensor.

Forming part of the Flexiflap backend and frontend hosting service is also access to our help desk.